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Sevilla Libero Pantyhose


We have been trying and trying to talk CDR into making their famous Sevilla pantyhose into a seamless design. Well, they had finally done just that. Copying our description for Sevilla it reads as follows:
Pulling a pair of Sevilla 15’s from the package, you will ask yourself “how is it that these dull looking pantyhose can have a gorgeous oil effect finish?” But, as soon as you pull them over your leg you will instantly see why. Once the special lycra yarn is fully stretched, the pantyhose takes on a look of super sheer glossy and smooth elegance and creates a uniform sheen that will have you wearing your skirts much higher from now on.
Now, let’s get to the good stuff. They are totally seamless, yes, that’s right, no gusset, no front and back seams, just the wonderful Sevilla yarn totally encasing every bit of your lower half without unsightly seams. Sheer toes, sheer panty, jacquard waistband. Made in Italy.

Date: October 25, 2018