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Pretty girl in pantyhose [pics only] [Haiku in subs]


A pretty girl I met on vacation makes shoots for fashion magazines and she said I could use this set. She thought it might help get some views for the channel!!

I went to Taipei on a “working” holiday but guess what – work was called off. So it turned into a vacation all paid for. I was interested in the HK protests and there is a lot of support in Taipei for that. Related to work that never happened I met some guys and girls from the fashion side of things at a support rally. And they showed me round the city. So I met this beautiful young lady from Chita, Japan and that’s all I’m going to say about that..

Back in the UK now, terrible weather as usual, and Brexit farce..
And nasty cats everywhere; the government don’t care about poor defenceless mice being eaten by cats, cats trained by MI5.
Bagpuss was an MI5 agent you know – turned out he was KGB Bagpuss. Why do you think Putin’s got a picture of him in is office? Britain needs a Putin.

Anyway back to beautiful girl from Chita.. I have a phone.. and a number.. and a plan.. It’s not the girl in the video btw..

ATTR Allene Quincy &t (music)
Pretty girl in pantyhose [pictures to music]

Date: November 17, 2019