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Lexi C announces Butt Cam! Provides lapdance for Blade upon Ice Poseidons demands! #cx 😚💋😍


What will Lexi C provide to Ice Poseidon’s streamer house? A special butt cam for one! Lap dances for everyone for two! And I know she’s gettin hella hate but fans hate everyone no matter what, comment down below who you would like to have in the Ice Poseidon scuffed mansion?
Lexi C Channel
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Scuffed Streamers is a collection of entertaining clips from different streamers mostly in the Ice Poseidon universe. Checkout for Ice’s streamer network. Thanks for watching and please don’t strike the channel, it’s not monetised and I do for the love of it and because I enjoy watching the different streamers and making clips. It makes it much easier for people to enjoy clips when they can see small clips with the highlights of each stream instead of watching a 4 hour stream Thanks for subscribing and watching!

Date: March 21, 2019