Kiss Cam Awkward & Funny Moments Compilation February 2019


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Kiss Cam Awkward & Funny Moments Compilation February 2019 || Kiss Cam Funny & Awkward Moment 2019 || Special Edition || Fails, Wins & Bloopers || Kiss Cam All New Compilation 2019

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The kiss cam is a social game that takes place during arena, stadium and court sporting events in the United States and Canada. It is intended as a light-hearted diversion to the main event during a timeout, television timeout, or similar downtime. A ‘kiss cam’ camera scans the crowd and selects a couple, their images being shown on the jumbotron screens in the arena. A kiss is traditionally rewarded by applause, clapping, cheers, and whistles, whereas a refusal to kiss is booed.

When the kiss cam is in action, the audience may be alerted by a known ‘kiss-related’ song being played, and/or an announcer warned the crowd. The crowd attending then pay attention to the marked ‘kiss cam’ video screen. Normally several consecutive couples are selected, and appear on the screen. As each pair appear onscreen, they are then expected to kiss. Additionally, sporting event staff may appear as couples who reject kisses or proposals in order to entertain or surprise the attending audience.


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Date: March 22, 2019