Japanese Girl Whtie Minidress Black Pantyhose


Pretty Japanese girl in a white minidress and black pantyhose posing on a bridge in public.

After browsing around other posts on YouTube tonight, I had to reflect on the amount of editing I did on this video to remove any hint or reason for YouTube to remove this video for violation of their sex and nudity policy. (The model in this video had/has no panties on underneath her pantyhose). I have received “strikes” and banned from posting for this kind of thing and it may happen for this one yet! I have received strikes for videos I posted 4 or 5 years back. It does no good to ask them for a review. YouTube is replete with all manner of sex and nudity. Don’t believe me? Just enter in “nude dancers”, “nude body painting” or just plain “nudity” in the search box to see for yourself. There is even plenty of explicit stuff if you look (I’ll go no further).

My latest “strike” for something PG rated is due to expire shortly and I think that I will post the “unedited” version of this same video and probably earn another strike (don’t get your hopes up, there’s really not much more to see).

Date: March 17, 2019