How To Look Amazing in Pantyhose & Tights | Styling & Outfit Ideas !


Pantyhose not only makes your legs look great but it also feels quite lovely to wear. Here are some nice examples of what type of pantyhose you should get & match with the rest of the outfit depending on your style. The choice of pantyhose can be a little confusing to many, so remember that the sheerness or level of opaque is expressed in the type of deniers. Deniers define the transparency of the hosiery. A sheer stocking denier is about 10-15 and an opaque stocking would start about 50. A higher denier stocking is usually more durable. Here are few pantyhose range of popular styles available nowadays.

Most common Types of Pantyhose:

Sheer Pantyhose: Pantyhose that are made from lightweight material (usually a denier of 8-15) and can be seen through.

Fishnet: Stockings or stay-ups with a material that when worn looks like a fishing net.

Leggings: are footless tights ,sheer or opaque coming in full or three quarter length.

Tights: cover the whole leg and part of the stomach and come in various types and sheerness

Knee Highs: tights that sit just below the knee suitable for under long pants.

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Date: August 10, 2018