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I also believe that a majority of women require more sexual stimulus than one man can provide to be completely satisfied. I love seeing Mandy cum. It’s the most amazing, captivating sight I’ve ever seen. It’s simply indescribably sensuous, erotic and beautiful… to me.

It’s safe to say I have strong voyeuristic tendencies. I LOVE to watch. I’m all about the visual. But I don’t want to JUST watch. I want to be involved and included where Mandy is concerned.

Another aspect of my desire to share her is, it virtually eliminates any need for her to ever want to cheat. If she ever meets a man she’s sexually attracted to, all she has to do is tell me. She doesn’t have to sneak around. She’s knows I’m ok with her getting what makes her happy as long as we talk about it and I know she’s safe.

Mandy also enjoys porn almost as much as I do. So early in our relationship we bought several DVDs online and watched them together. Almost all of them about threesomes. Not two girls and a man. Most involved one woman and two men. Inevitably one of these DVDs had an interracial scene. That’s what brought up the subject.

I’ve had fantasies of interracial sex most of my adult life. I’ve never been in a situation to act on that however. Plus, it’s just not a subject one just blurts out to a lover.

Here in the south, it’s still somewhat of a “taboo” with a lot of people. But it’s that taboo that adds an element of excitement for me.

Of course any time I’ve seen interracial sex in porn, the men are usually massive. The petite women paired with these well endowed men add to the visual effects of size differences.

Mandy being only 5’2” tall and 98 lbs, was quite comparable to some of the petite porn actresses I’ve seen with with very large black men.

Watching these women brought to multiple orgasms in these videos is quite the turn on for me.

This of course ties into Mandy’s insatiable and unlimited multiple orgasm capabilities. I wanted to see if Mandy had a limit, or not!

I needed help with that and I thought a well endowed black man with stamina may be just the kind of tag team partner that could help me find out.

One night, as we lay in our bed watching the scene play out, I asked Mandy, “Have you ever fucked a black man?”

“No.” She answered my with one eyebrow lifted. “Not that I haven’t seen some handsome black guys that I found attractive. I’ve just never had much personal connection with anyone like that. Plus, my parents would die if they ever found out. You know how conservative and strict they are. Besides, that guy right there is way too big for me.” She looked back at the tv. “Have you ever fucked a black woman?”

Fair question! I had to answer. “No, but I’ve seen many I found incredibly gorgeous. If they’d had any interest in me sexually, I’d certainly would have jumped at the opportunity. A beautiful, sexy woman is a beautiful sexy woman, no matter her skin tone or color.”

Date: July 8, 2019